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AskEducareer is skill-based learning and Development organization with a vision to overcome the skill gap and to organize the learning process of students by providing various skills-based training, counseling, and seminar. We aim to improve the monotonous and stagnant learning environment through our research-based age-appropriate programs for the melioration of students as well as Teachers.

What We Do

We equip students with different essential set of skills through our age-appropriate programs for their better future. We help with

Skill Development

Basic Commercial Education

Career Guidance & Counselling

Our Offering

Early Foundation
Leadership Program

This is an age-appropriate program, which has been specially designed for the students of class 6th to 10th keeping a note on the learning ability of students of different age groups. Through this program, we are aiming to help students learn key skills such as communication skills, Creativity, Adaptability, IT skills, Public speaking, time management, teamwork, and more through an interactive curriculum. The purpose of this program is to make students learn key skills and to lay a strong foundation for their bright future.

In a world of advancements in technology and globalization, a leader must develop new skills and self-awareness to influence and inspire others. The purpose of this program is to educate students of class 11th and 12th on the significance of Leadership and relay the concepts of Commercial subjects through an interactive curriculum.

This program will help students learn about the Basics of law, financial education, Entrepreneurship and also help them hone their skills for their better future.

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