How will Schools Be In The New Future?

How will schools be in the Future

Generally speaking, schools have looked the same for the last 40 years or more. The shape of the schools and school education in the future will be amorphous.

Technology is now a key part of the classroom. But what can schools develop in the future to improve the learning environment for our children? And How will schools change in the future

Future of School and School education from kindergarten to high school.

A school is a place where we as a student learn things that build our personality and character. School days are the most crucial and memorable days of a person’s life.

In future School, Education and learning would be very different from what it is in the present. There will be many changes that will help students learn and develop in many ways.

The school of the future will not be the same as it is today; it will be a culture of competence development. Schools need comprehensive methods for development which might require a change in the culture of school education.

A change can only be made by leaders who are actively oriented towards the future of the school. The most important change is pedagogical change because the skills we need to learn for future work life have changed drastically.

Our understanding of learning has also greatly increased in the last decade – but pedagogy, teaching practices, and school structures have not developed accordingly. The change in pedagogy is linked to the concept of learning of the organization and the teachers.

Role of Technology in Schools, in the future.

Technology is the key to bring change in the school and school education. When we think about how many ways we can use technology. We must start with the need to get the most meaningful answers.

We need to remember that the years of schooling are years of opportunity and pressure, for both children and parents. Huge amounts of money are spent by parents on their child schooling because schooling represents a brighter and better future.

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How Will Schools Be In The Future

Also read – How will Schools Be In The New Future?

Here are some key attributes that schools have to start Adopting that will help the future of the education system in India immensely.

1. Flexible paths, Project-based and experiential learning

Schools in the future will have to conduct most of its teaching outside the classroom, With the help of technology or through hands-on experience, students will be ‘out there’ in the world much more, to do their learning. Giving students this flexible path and other projects bases learning will help them grow and prepared for futures in many ways

2. Custom-made learning depending on one’s own pace

As classrooms grow bigger, even the best schools have less individual time to devote to a child’s progress, a root cause that has fuelled the boom in tuition classes. Parents think that if more personal attention and time will be devoted to a can child; will help to strengthen the areas and concepts where they are weak.

On the other hand, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning make it easier for us to assess a kid’s weaknesses and strengths with accuracy and focus on learning in areas where it is needed.

3. Monitoring will be more important

Schools in the future have to rely on technology as they can get appropriate solutions for their problems designed in conjunction with inputs from educationists. All advanced technologies will help the school Monitor a student’s real capacity, abilities, and inclinations.     

4. More inclusive approach and choice of subjects to students

As India increases in prosperity and connectivity, there will be an onus on future schools to also reach out to the less privileged.

Schools have access to the most up-to-date subjects and courses, skilled teaching resource, and a strong talent pool in the form of parents. Schools are in a unique position to bring together different stakeholders who can bring a change.

5. Helping students learn about the 5th dimension: Entrepreneurship

I believe that Youth in India is moving away from a risk-averse state of mind of ‘getting a government job, to a more entrepreneurial and dynamic perspective. The youth today want to pursue their dream, even if it means walking an unconventional path.

Entrepreneurship has a direct connection with your business enterprise. Schools need to help students learn entrepreneurship from higher secondary schools so that they will have an extra edge.


In this hastily transforming and fast-moving era it is clear that the education systems need to be restructured and updated for the development and amelioration of students as well as teachers.

Technology should be used very efficiently and smartly to get the best of it. The focus should be to give the best academic education along with the learning of entrepreneurship and other significant skills.

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  1. Samiksha

    Almost all the points will surely give a whole new outcome to the children. There is an urgent need to understand, that, it’s high time we approach ‘education beyond textbooks’ and take a high road. Discarding the monotonous school pattern.

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