11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money During Covid 19

11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money During Covid 19

Do you know how to make money during Covid 19 global pandemic which has triggered nations around the world to shut down their local economies to contain the spread of the Covid19?

The Covid 19 crises have disrupted many of our financial plans like nothing we’ve experienced before. This has forced us to find different methods on how to make money during covid 19

The economic fallout has led to widespread job losses and pay cuts, and countless individuals might be finding it challenging to get a new job with better or even similar perks during this Covid 19 lockdown. Therefore individuals now need to learn how to make money during covid 19 more than ever.

During the Covid 19 crises, we currently find ourselves in a difficult situation and it is important for us not to take sudden decisions, instead, we must keep ourselves calm and take a good decision after proper analysis.

If your income has seen a decrease during the ongoing Covid-19 phase, you need calm nerves to take stock of your finances and make some critical readjustments if required.

I’ve discussed a few tips on how to make money during covid 19 which you’re likely to find very useful if you’ve lost your job in the last few months.

11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money during Covid 19

Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic, many of us have lost our jobs and now in need of money.

Below I have listed a few ideas which may help to find how to make money during Covid 19 crises. Go through it, find where you can fit, learn how to make money during covid 19 from home, and start earning.

1. Become An Online Tutor

It seems the Covid-19 has finally pushed our education into the 21st century. With panic around, schools and colleges have shut down, and teachers are forced to learn and adapt to an online learning environment

If you have good knowledge of a particular subject, have great communication skills, and feel that you can keep your students engaged and nurture their interest, then now is the perfect time for you to sign up for an online tutoring platform to help parents who are navigating the online education world.

Few online tutor platforms are Vedantu.comSkooli.com, Tutor.com

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11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money During Covid 19

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2. You can Be a Blogger

Blogging is something that is not new. It is there for many years and yet many of us are not aware of it. Anyone can be a blogger and write blogs in their desired professional area. Learn how to start blogging And start your blog and make money out of it.

There are many different types of Niche on which you can do blogging. you may start a blog on technology, lifestyle, education, health, or even quick hacks on how to make money from home.

I suggest you start your blogging journey for free on Blogger.com and learn how to make money during covid 19.

3. Be a Website Designer

Be it a small business or big, everyone wants to be available on the internet, and for that; they need their professional presence to be felt.

If it’s others or it’s your own business you will need a website for your online business expansion. You can learn how to build a website and start developing your own. 

WordPress is a platform where you can do it in an easy way.

If you want to learn how to make money during Covid 19 then, you may learn free website designing courser from Udemy and Coursera

4. Be a Graphic Designer

if you want to know how to make money during Covid 19 or post this pandemic, then you must learn Graphic design.

Graphic designers are in huge demand as every Digital marketing organization needs one, at least. If you are creative and can play with colors then this work is for you. 

Digital painting, comics, adverts, animated cartoons, and brochures are also part of this discipline. You can easily learn a graphics designing program; with an internet connection, and start your profession.

If you want you can learn Graphic Designing from Shaw Academy and Class Central

5. Be a Content Writer

Till the time there are clients and products in the market, the companies would want someone to make their services or product reachable and understandable to many others. 

This brings content writers into the center of all. You can be content writing all you need is good writing skills. And then you can try using your skills in different platforms like iWriter & Upwork and learn the trick on how to make money during covid 19.

If you want you may learn content creation skills you may learn it from HubSpot moreover, it will also help you learn how to make money during Covid 19.

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11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money During Covid 19

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6. Become a Social media manager

If you know the basics of social media marketing then this is a great profession for you. Organizations and individuals need SMM experts to handle their social media handles.

As an SMM expert, you will have to learn and utilize the analytical side of things; along with creating reports, and organizing ad promotions, and find ways to engage with the audience.  This sill will also help you learn how to make money online.

7. Be a Search engine optimization expert

This is one of the popular jobs in digital marketing. You will need to learn how to use analytics and marketing tools for this.

In this job, you will have to research popular keywords for topics and content creation. You will have to check how your website or blog is performing and you will aim to bring it to the top.

8. Become a virtual assistant

To work as a virtual assistant you need to be a good communicator, have strong digital skills, and excellent organizational skills. 

Many organizations or businesses now are doing away with physical offices but the administrative, creative, and technical needs remain the same. Hence it demands the need for virtual assistance.

I recommend you these 2 virtual assistant websites  Virtalent and 24/7 Virtual Assistants,  for start.

9. Become a Video Editor

All you are watching videos for learning or entertainment. Most of us now prefer watching instead of reading which makes Videos an important tool for digital marketing as well.

As the demand for video content is increasing the demand for video editor is also increasing. If it lies in your interest you can learn video editing and start it as your profession.

With advertisements, Facebook promotions, and YouTube videos; the chance of work and payment for a video editor is massive. 

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11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money During Covid 19

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10. Use your photography skills

If you are interested in photography or have lots of photographs saved, why not try selling them online? Businesses are creating lots of online content, and they need the right images and themes for that. You could fulfill their need and earn some money. 

This skill will not only help you earn money during Covid-19 but you can earn from this till the day you will use your skills.

You may check photography sites like Shutterstock, and iStock takes a commission from sales and allows people to find your images based on keyword searches. 

11. Work as Freelancer

Due to covid19, we are forced to stay home. It also had led us to work from home. Our offices are temporarily closed or worse, you recently got laid off, Now, need to learn how to make money during covid 19, and looking at the current situation freelancing is an absolutely great opportunity.

Freelancing is a great way to make money from home or anywhere as it can all be done remotely. If you are good at certain skills be it teaching, writing, designing, editing, or any other skills you can use them to earn money from home.

The websites I recommend you to look for freelance opportunities are Fiverr & freelancer you can easily learn the trick about how to me money.


With Covid-19 affecting work today, it is important for us to learn new skills and keep upgrading ourselves. Above mentioned 11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money during Covid 19 will not only help you earn money but also help you learn and hone new skills.

Making money is not that difficult you just need to figure out how to make money from the available resources

I hope you liked the article ”11 Best Ideas On How to Make Money during Covid 19, if you have any problem related to anything or suggestion, you may share your views in the comment box below.

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