How School Education Influence Your life – 6 Aspects

How School Education Influence your life

School education has direct effects on children’s educational achievement, their learning of numeracy, literacy, and scientific knowledge. School education helps a child learn all the basics which will help them in the future ahead.

Influence of School Education on children’s.

The school’s major responsibility towards the students is academic education, but the job doesn’t end here. School education helps children to gear up for the dynamic future.

The growth of students is parallel to the future of the country. The quality of the present education in a school helps induce curiosity in the students, and equip them with skills to be better human beings.

It is extensively accepted that the learning process in school is very helpful in shaping students personalities and the way they deal with situations in life.

The change of thoughts from theoretical knowledge to the practical knowledge, in schools, has brought forth a sea of change. People have accepted the idea of school education being the key to a well-rounded development instead of just a means to acquire monetary success in life.

School Education ought to facilitate the development of a healthy thought process and groom us to be a better self. In the present world, education is a necessity for human beings after food, clothes, and shelter.

Prominent features of a school:

  • A good head start for learning
  • A great chance to develop social skills.
  • Exposure to enhance communication skills.
  • Putting students on a path of lifelong learning

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How School Education Influence your life

Influence of School Education – 6 Aspects

School education focuses on the following aspects, which contribute a lot to the development of students.

1.      Character Building and Self Concept

Along with academics education, schools also focus on the character and values of an individual. Character building is not an alternative to academic achievement, but rather an essential add on to it.

Just as the school provides lessons on reading, and writing, from the very beginning it also focuses on helping students learn about respect, empathy, compassion, and integrity.

In school students start with basic lessons like “raises your hand to speak” and “keep your hands to yourself. By the time children complete the schooling, they have a reasonably firm grasp on their own beliefs, and values. It is there understanding of who they are and what values they have will help determine their academic, professional, and personal pursuits.

2.      Academic Potential

Ideally, the role of a school is to bring each student to their maximum academic potential, while its effectiveness might vary from one school to another.

A significant amount of school time is dedicated to helping children become good at problem-solving and decision making, skills that will come in handy in just about every personal and professional aspect of a child’s adult life.

Therefore, in addition to academic education, life skill is also being taught. We as say that “it is the ability to analyze a situation, propose a solution and, in case that solution couldn’t give the required results, be able to re-strategize to try again.

The problem-solving approach encourages individuals to keep trying, even in odd situations. They will keep trying to achieve the goal because that mentality also dictates that there is a solution; it just hasn’t been found yet, and that sounds like a challenge

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How School Education Influence your life

3.      Mental aspect

School is the place where kids are exposed to their primary education. It allows them to acquire knowledge in various fields of education such as English, mathematics, politics, literature, history, and other numerous subjects.

When an individual is exposed to the influences of various learning sources, their knowledge becomes vast which will help them in their adulthood.

4.      Social aspect / social skills

School is the first place that helps children socializing; they learn to interact with their fellow students and teachers. Up till then, parents and other family members are the only people with whom the child has human interactions.

In schools, children are exposed not only to new ideas but also to compatriots of the same age group. This instills sociable practices like friendship, participation, empathy, and many more, which turn out to be important in their adulthood.

5.      Physical aspect

A child, after conception, goes through various physical developments. While home provides a restricted outlet, in school, a child can channelize his energy into more sociable avenues.

Studies have pointed out that while in a familiar environment, the child is equipped to deal with sudden bursts of energy, the learns to be at the best behavior only when exposed to same-aged individuals.

Plus, familiarity leads to taking advantage of situations, while in school, the playing field is leveled. Also, the presence of activities such as sports, craft helps children direct their boundless energy into something productive.

6.      Overall development

Initially, Schools were considered as places where students learn only basic academic education. But in the current educational scenario, a child learns way more than the traditional academic education.

Students are taught to develop a mind of their own through the flexible curriculum. The child is free from the shackles of mental blocks which help their imagination run its course. The overall development of students has been impressively improved when compared to the old times.

Conclusion: Influence of School Education

  • School education forms the foundation of any society. It is also very much responsible for the social, economical, and political growth and development of society in general
  • Education powers a better world.
  • Life is about learning and experiencing.  Kids can learn to a certain extent from their parents. But  at school, children are exposed to different sources from which they can imbibe immense knowledge, and can develop themselves under the shadow to teachers
  • Schools play an important role in molding a nation’s future by facilitating the all-round development of its future citizens.

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  1. Anuradha Yadav

    Brilliantly written…
    This article made me much more thankful to my school as what personality we all are today our schools have played a significant role in it.

  2. Yes, it is totally true that school education will help them in academics but the extracurricular activities and the sports activities will help they, in building the character of their own and grow the in the career as well. The more they have these activities in their schedule other than studies, the more their chances are being of competitive and competent in their life. I being the consultant and author a Nalanda International School assist the students and their parents to let them explore new things which will help them grow into a competent human being and excel in their career in their life.

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