Why Skill-Based Education is Important?

Why Skill-Based Education is Important?

Today skill-based Education is not a choice but a necessity in India. The demand for skilled professionals is quite high in comparison to skilled individuals. Schools must put more focus on skill-based learning along with academic education.

What is skill-based learning?

Skill-based learning is a pedagogy that aims to build the skills of the student who has acquired knowledge through classroom lectures and encourage them to try out those concepts to strengthen the learning process.

In skill-based learning, teachers focus on imparting knowledge through planning and practice which will help students to retain concepts, and instructors plan.

Why skill-based education is important?

In this 21st century, education is important, but skill is the most important. It is important to teach skill-based education to children from an early age as it brings positive effects in their life and also it is the demand of time.

Benefits of skill development in schools:

  • The introduction of skill development programs and skill-based education for the students will help them prepare for the future and also help them learn employability-skills
  • Introducing skill-based training will help weak students to be academically strong.
  • Skill-based education will help develop skills like networking and communication.
  • Skill development programs will help to identify and develop the talent of the students.
  • Introducing skill development and skill-based education for the students will help them to get an understanding of different career options.

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Why skill-based education is important

The type of skill-based pedagogy students needs.

Looking at the hassle of the dynamic world we live in, it is important to develop a connection between education and the real world. There are 3 steps to convert a traditional education setup into the advance setup that will help the student learn different skills which will help them in their future.

  1. Incorporating a practical learning environment, and creating a link between education and the workplace.
  2. Establishing a ‘community development’ based model, which will benefit both the learning institutions and organizations. In this approach, the facilitator will transfer the knowledge between the organizations. The company will be benefited by receiving new information, knowledge, products, or redesigned services. Students are not just learners but are also exposed to the working environment.
  3. Developing a goal-oriented corporation between student, teacher, and company that enables the co-creation of knowledge, and systemic development of all. Students can do their internship or project-training from a workplace which will help them gain practical knowledge and understanding of the real world.

Skills that could help students achieve success.

A skill-based education system can help students build professional and personal skill that will help them in their future, Few important skills can make students more ready for the future are mentioned below:

1. Adaptability:

It is a quality of being able to adjust with different people or conditions. Students must be able to adapt themselves to different situations.

2. Communication Skills:

Communication skill is essential to convey ideas and it also helps to exchange of information. Knowing how to communicate effectively is something that will help you at every stage of your life.

3. Teamwork:

This skill is very essential to develop interpersonal skills and leadership qualities in students. Teamwork helps to get along with people and work together to achieve common goals.

4. Problem-solving

Problem-solving skills will help you find solutions to complex problems. Problem-solving skills help students to tackle day-to-day issues in a much better way.

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Why skill-based education is important

5. Stress-management

In today’s world stress has become part of your life and if it is not managed well it may affect us mentally and physically. Therefore, School must teach students how to manage stress by applying various techniques like meditation, relaxation, and exercising.

6. Creativity

This skill is in demand now and it will be in the future. Creativity helps students to come up with newer ideas and also enables them to take initiative.

7. Personal Management & Soft Skills:

A skill-based education system ensures that students are not just learning theoretical knowledge, but also different soft skills and life skills. This advanced system will also help them learn how to manage themselves and be productive.

8. Empathy & Perspective:

Empathy is probably the most significant and most underestimated skill. A rote-learning based education inculcates a sense of blind competition, without focusing on people skills. Students need to be able to visualize themselves in another’s shoes and evaluate situations. It is this ‘perspective’ that helps them be successful employees.


In today’s era and in the future, the basics academics education will not be sufficient for students to be successful, to get a good job, or run a business because all these will need some extra skills which they need to learn.

All educators and school systems must change their pattern of teaching and inculcate skill-based education to make students ready for the future.

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